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Professional Home Staging is the proven, results-driven process of preparing your home for sale. Studies consistently show Staged homes sell for more money than non-Staged homes, creating a huge return with a minimal investment. Since most buyers start their search on-line, showing professionally Staged photos creates an instant connection and is the main reason they will choose to see your property over another. Whether it's a vacant property or has accumulated many years of furniture, Home Staging will help attract the maximum number of buyers and gain the edge over your competition! See below for more on our Staging services.

Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Living Room Before
Living Room After

Angled Room

Staging for a Vacant or Ocupied home

The Staging process always starts with a Consultation where we take detailed pictures, communicate our ideas and present a proposal. Once the proposal is accepted and the Staging Agreement is signed, we'll start the Staging process.

Home Staging is beneficial to any style home at any price point. It works for an average home or when the home has special challenges such as poor location, poor home condition or increased competition (as within a townhouse or condominium complex) as it's better to start with your best foot forward to down-play any negative issues. Staging can highlight a feature unique to your home such as a finished basement, bonus room or patio area to help you stand out from the competition. We may address interior spaces, outdoor living areas, curb appeal, room function, traffic flow patterns and de-cluttering. We will start with the belongings you have and also add new, customized accessories if needed from our own inventory to refresh and update your décor. We may bring in things like:

• Curtains
• Area Rugs
• Occasional Tables

• Lamps
• Artwork

  • Bath accessories

• Furniture Covers
• Bedding

  • TV Props

If the home is vacant we may work with a Furntiure Rental company for the larger pieces and still use our own inventory to complete the design.

If we don't have the perfect furniture or accessory piece in our Staging inventory to properly show off your home, we set aside up to 10% of the Staging fee to purchase new, cusomized accessories to make that great first impression. The homeowner will own the reciepts and can decide what to do with these professionally curated pieces after the home sells.

If a home needs more extensive work to make it look its best, we may recommend painter, electrician, or landscaper services. If you need us to coordinate and manage these different trades, a separate management fee will be issued and included in the Staging proposal.

Free-style Staging

This service is similar to the Full and Partial Staging services we offer. However, we do not provide our own inventory for your home. Instead, we will work with the furnishings you already own and work our Staging magic to give your home a completely new look that will appeal to potential buyers.

Although not as visually effective as the regular Staging service, this could be an alternative for the budget-conscious homeowner. The fee for this service is completely based on your budget. Once we know how much you want to spend, we'll let you know which rooms can be Staged for that amount and what can be done in each room.

Staging Report

Our Staging Report is a great tool for the hands-on homeowner who wants to complete the Staging work themselves, but still needs advice and guidance from a professional Homestager. We can help you with your entire home or a minimum of 3 rooms/spaces. We will use the pictures we take of your home during our Consultation and provide you with a detailed 5-10 page report (depending on number of rooms involved) that breaks down what tasks you need to complete in each room. The report will include a picture of the room on the page for reference and a "shopping guide" if we feel there are things you should add to your design that you may not have.

The prices vary depending on how many rooms or spaces are involved. On average the fee is $250 to $450. Once you receive the Staging report, you can contact us to review the information provided and ask any questions you have.

And don't worry if you are outside our service area, we can arrange to send the Report to you either on-line or through US mail. You'll need to send pictures or a video of the home to us and once we receive it, we'll call you for clarification of the layout and basic house statistics. After we receive all the necessary photos, information, and payment, we will send you the Staging Report.